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Herbal care – How to take care of your body naturally

Before the professionalization of medicine, women, witches, midwives and family members were the guardians of the herbal care. Herbal medicine is accessible, adaptable and can be a resource to turn to when you do not have the ability to access institutional care.

These remedies focus heavily on vaginal health. Discover possible infections and traditional medicines, to take care of yourself as escort from Capital Federal.

Herbal care for the body

Yeast infections

Yeast infections are an overgrowth of candidiasis in the vagina. It is common that it stings, bothers and affects your normal secretion; You can tell a yeast infection from a bacterial vaginosis in several ways. Here are some tips to prevent and treat a yeast infection.

  • Use condoms, other than latex; since, over time, you can develop sensitivity to latex and cause a yeast infection.
  • Lots of lubricant, friction with a condom dries in sex, it must be properly lubricated and a yeast infection will not easily occur.
  • Part of herbal care is to use oregano oil, many grocery stores have a health food section. Take 3 to 5 drops twice a day, diluted in water, to strengthen your immune system; This will help regularly flush out candida overgrowth in your system.
  • Another herbal tip is to eat garlic in moderation; this will help your body as a probiotic, but apple cider vinegar and greek yogurt are best. To use garlic, insert a clove into your vaginal canal. Leave it on for about 6-8 hours and then give your body a break before inserting another tooth.
herbal care

Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a bacterial infection that causes a painful swelling, foul-smelling, discolored discharge; it also causes a general burning/itching sensation.

  • Coconut oil + tea tree oil are an excellent herbal care; both oils are antimicrobial and antibacterial. Insert a tampon with the mixture of tea tree oil drops in a little coconut oil, for about 6 hours and then remove.

Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are very common for North Zone escorts, penetrative intercourse usually follows. They can be incredibly painful, and it's important to avoid any intercourse.

  • Cranberry juice can be ingested to mitigate conditions; drink about a liter a day, in addition to a lot of water to eliminate the infection.
  • Other herbal care is to drink Tulsi or Holy Basil; This tea helps eliminate bacteria in the urinary tract. Drink 1 to 3 cups a day; I let the leaves rest for 15 minutes before drinking.
  • Uva ursi tincture is an amazing way to help rid your body of a UTI. Consume, one full dropper 3 times a day.

Oral infections

Both chlamydia and gonorrhea can live in the throat; and if they are in the throat, they may not be present on a urine test, which is what most standard urine tests do. STIs that are performed Belgrano escort. The easiest way to prevent an infection from living in your throat using herbal care, is to use an herbal alternative.

  • Add 3 cinnamon sticks and a tablespoon of cloves per 5 cups of water, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain cinnamon and cloves and add 1/8 cup salt. Stir until completely dissolved; the recipe will last about 3-5 days in the fridge.
How to take care of your body naturally with herbal care


As with the work of a Caballito escort, herbal care, is based on intuition and innate abilities to be in tune with yourself to listen to the signals of the body. It is not always an exact process, but the herbal medicine it is highly individualized and it is important to respect the different things your body needs to heal.

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