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Travel as an escort – How to make it a success

For, travel as an escort and that your first tour goes smoothly, take into account the following tips and become a travel veteran!

First of all, you must keep in mind that sometimes things can go wrong and you will have to accept them; Since running a business sometimes means taking risks and you can't always guarantee that you will make money. Things can happen to you, like a nasty hotel reservation, your ad running in the wrong city, getting canceled by all the clients because of the flu, or getting canceled when you're halfway across the country.

However, getting a few things done will give you an edge. That is why we will present the best tips to be a successful travel escort.

How to make your first escort tour successful

Prepare in advance

This is a business, so treat it like one. Write down all your expected costs; For example: flights, accommodation, food, etc. How many reserves do you need to make to cover those expenses, in addition to your usual expenses, such as: rent and utility bills.

There are many things to think about when wanting travel as an escort, and it can be challenging to answer these questions. The best time to reflect on these questions is before the trip: rather than during the tour, when you have no reservations and your bank account is in the red.

Travel as a companion

If possible, cover your expected overhead and usual expenses with deposits, so that all the money you earn as VIP escort during the trip is a profit. Also, don't book accommodations or flights until you have enough reserves to make sure you cover the costs.

Also, organize how you are going to select a suitable entrance location, what to pack and how to manage your reservations with clients; For example, will you take deposits? How much time will you give yourself between bookings? Or when to text customers to confirm?

keep costs down

You must remember that every dollar you spend, in the expenses of your travel as an escort, is a dollar that is not used to build the life of your dreams as North Zone escort. While it's fun to book a 5-star hotel suite, order room service, and live the high life for a few days; You must self-assess if you want to live to work or work to live.

A hotel is a good idea, but you may be better off booking an Airbnb or serviced apartment just outside the city you want to travel to; also, you can go shopping when you arrive instead of ordering food, and travel only when there are flight offers or drive to nearby places with your car.

look for sponsors

Inquire about clients who would like to sponsor your trip, instead of taking a tour. These can be clients who have visited you before from anywhere in Argentina for your publications such as escort from Capital Federal; and that they are potential clients who have sent you a message to consult and specify.

Whenever you meet a customer who you think might be a potential sponsor, ask if you can contact them the next time you visit. travel as an escort and visit your city.

How to make traveling as a companion a success a success

When you have a few of these potential customers lined up, split the cost between them to go and add it to your rates. This way you can privately advertise as an exclusive visit, rather than a tour; so you have your costs covered in advance.


if you're willing to travel as an escort, consider a very organized plan that includes options; since complications may occur on your trip. With these tips you can start planning and creating a good structure, choose the best option to generate more income as Belgrano escort; and even enjoy traveling a bit.

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