Caballito Escorts

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Caballito Escorts

It is bounded by Juan B. Justo Avenue, San Martín Avenue, Gaona Avenue, Ángel Gallardo Avenue, Rio de Janeiro, Rivadavia Avenue, La Plata Avenue, Directory Avenue, Curapaligüe and Donato Álvarez. It is bordered by the neighborhoods of Villa Crespo to the north, Almagro and Boedo to the east, Parque Chacabuco to the south, and Flores and Villa Miter to the west.

Caballito VIP Escorts

The Caballito neighborhood is distinguished not only by its large buildings and commercial activity, but also by its beautiful women. The fact of being right in the geographic center of Buenos Aires, has allowed it to become a node and point of connection. This is how some of the most beautiful women in Argentina also converge.

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Horse Whores

If you come from abroad, the Caballito area is accessible to anyone in Buenos Aires, through various railway and bus lines. An ideal place to get away and meet any of the beautiful women in this select catalog.

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