Erotic Asphyxiation

La erotic suffocation It is a classic and wild sexual practice, which you can do alone or in the company of an escort; If you choose a VIP escort you can experience many more erotic sensations. On ArgentinaXP, you have the most extensive directory of escorts in Buenos Aires.

The positive of erotic suffocation, hypophyxiophilia or asphyxiophilia, is that you increase the intensity of the orgasm. In action, the brain is deprived of oxygen until respiration is slowed; which produces an increase in adrenaline and allows more pleasant levels of excitement to be reached. What's more. This can be carried out with an escort voluntarily, during the sexual encounter or during masturbation.

Here at the erotic suffocation slight variations exist; such as breathplay (play with breathing) or edgeplay (game to the limit or risky game). This BDSM-type practice and a signal must be established with the escort, in order to put a limit on the activity.

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