Clismaphilia escort

Have sexual pleasure with an escort by placing an enema in her ass; know this sexual practice called clismaphilia, a form of anal masturbation. In ArgentinaXP you can get the ideal escort to carry out these practices, because we are the largest and most complete directory of escorts in Buenos Aires.

La clismaphilia it is the placement of an enema to obtain pleasure during sex; considering it as a way of masturbation in the ass, where you play with the escort. During practice, the fetish is accompanied with tools such as cannulas to give greater anal stimulation. What excites the clismaphilia it is the process of introduction of the enema, retention and subsequent ejaculation of the liquid; where you get to enjoy an orgasm.

People who enjoy clismaphilia they can carry out this practice individually or in the company of an escort; being the practitioners heterosexual or homosexual. Likewise, the function of the enema is to stimulate the nerve endings of the anus that cause sexual gratification in the action.

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