Ejaculation control with escort

Ejaculating is the highest moment of excitement in which the semen is expelled, but How can you have control of ejaculation?. The rush is not good and the easier it is for you to control the excitement, the time of sexual enjoyment with an escort will be more pleasant. On ArgentinaXP, you can get the most complete directory of escorts in Buenos Aires.

Ejaculation control is a sexual practice that helps to extend the sexual encounter. With an escort you can practice this technique; In addition, with complete certainty, the girl you meet will know how to guide you to go calmly, without hurry, working the erotic part in the whole body, and not only in the genital area.

When you go very quickly to intercourse, anxiety wins and the automatic pilot turns on, taking over the moment, generating premature ejaculation. An experienced escort knows postures that postpone the climax and help the ejaculation control.

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