Escort English Discipline

Do you like to experience BDSM practices? The english discipline it is related to sadomasochism and can be executed on the escort or vice versa. On ArgentinaXP, you have at your disposal the largest and most complete directory of escorts in Buenos Aires.

La english discipline aims to punish the partner with whipping and physical punishment; The lashes are given with a whip, whip, whip or any other type of element that subjects the escort. The punishments are generated in the area of ​​the buttocks, using the elements already mentioned; they can also include slapping the hands or a smack across the upper thighs.

Here at the english discipline, communication with the escort is important; since it must be agreed and consented to what extent this BDSM is used. The postures that can be used during this practice are related to chairs, tables, sofa, bed or with the hands resting on the wall; it's just a matter of deciding a comfortable position for both of you.

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