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    13: 00hs to 21: 00hs


Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora
Photo of Mora

About me

Hello! My name is Mora 馃槏

I am a girl vip escort in Belgrano. Very sweet, delicate, feminine. Only for demanding gentlemen.

I highly value good treatment, hygiene and respect.
I like to give and receive pleasure in different ways through relaxing, decontracting and sensitive massages.
I work in my apartment from Monday to Saturday from 13:21 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. in Belgrano 馃槉

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    U.S. $50

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  • The uncle
    5 months ago

    It is an impressive thing! Very cool and sweet
    Super recommended! It's like the

  • July
    3 months ago

    Appetizing Blackberry. I am a veteran who does not resist indulging in sexual apathy. Veteran because I am in the range of seventy-six years. I have already experimented with all the existing methods to achieve normal erections and none of them are efficient for me. The admiration of female bodies keeps me in a state of passionate excitement, they make me want to sexually devour the women I am attracted to, the problem is that my erections are soft but I have a very efficient and very exploratory tongue that even on certain occasions they can improve the softies. Your photographs incite and excite me. On the background that I tell you, I encourage you to ask you for the possibility of an interview-experience and that the result of the game gratifies you and me, well, whatever.

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